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olive garden

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Above the Greek village of Gialova, only 190 meters as the crow flies from the beach, await you on a total of 7,070m ², six b eautiful architect villas, nestled amidst velvety green olive trees with stunning sea views of the bay of Pylos.

the project

olive garden

For sale are a total of six architect villas with living areas of 120 - 184m ². Each house has wonderful outdoor areas (outdoor sauna with mas sage area, jacuzzi, outdoor bar, recessed seating area with fireplace) including private pool, parking spaces and a breathtaking view of the bay.

6 villas



top location

private pool

outdoor area

from 120 to 184m²

in front of every house

18 months from construction start

overlooking the beautiful bay

3,8 x 7,8 or 14 x 4,5 meters

sauna, jacuzzi, bar and fireplace


- up to 8% return possible

- a valuable investment including holiday pleasure

- secure processing via a notary

- management service: local partners can be arranged

- potential for added value (infrastructure expansion possible etc.)

Buy to live

After purchasing your property, you can use it either all year round or as a holiday destination. During your absence, your property will be empty. Maintenance services of all kinds (gardeners, pool cleaning, etc.) are easily available. We are at your disposal for more information.


- attractive investment

- secure processing via a notary

- top destination during all four seasons

- unlimited year-round usage possible

Buy to let

Holiday homes are often empty except for a few weeks a year. In order to take advantage of these idle times, we offer you the option of renting out your property through our local brokerage partners after purchasing your property. We also offer to maintain your property while you are away. From the concierge to the gardener and cleaning staff - with the help of local service partners, we ensure that your property is well taken care of even during your absence.


- exterior walls made of natural stone

- panoramic windows

- heated or cooled by means of an air heat pump

- high-quality sanitary objects

- large format floor tiles or polished screed

- basement individually usable

(e.g. Sauna, Studio etc.)

- fantastic view included!

specification coming soon

All wet rooms are equipped with high-quality sanitary objects. With regard to the kitchen and interior design: here you have the opportunity to design them according to your own wishes. Our on-site interior designers will be happy to support you with this project.

The outer walls, consisting of natural stones, are placed together in a wild association to create a typically Greek, but modern look. The panoramic windows also underline the mediterranean flair. All houses are provided with large format floor tiles or coated screed. This gives the interiors a sleek and clean look.



Gialova is one of the most popular resorts on the west coast of Messinia, Peloponnese. The small coastal town is located, just a few kilometers north of Pylos. Relaxation, nature and countless leisure activities await you in this place. Shimmering turquoise water and extensive dunes make this place one of the most famous photo opportunities in Messenia. Gialova is also on the same latitude as Tunis. There are always pleasantly warm temperatures well into December. Kalamata Airport can be reached by car in just under 40 minutes.


more information: 36.9507199261672, 21.7070506191901


Gentle waves paired with many Beaufort make this area a true surfing Mecca. But divers also get their money's worth here: average visibility of 30 meters and water temperature always around 24 degrees make this place the perfect diving hotspot. In 2017, the golf courses in the area were also named "European Golf Resort of the Year" by the International Association for Global Golf Tourism (IAGTO). So a world-class golf experience awaits you here, with four world-class golf courses. Among them are two designer golf courses: an 18 - hole Golf Course amidst the diverse natural landscape offers spectacular ocean and river views. Another golf course offers panoramic ocean and mountain views. These can be reached in just a few minutes by car.

golf resort

divers paradise


Along the promenade of Gialova countless small but fine restaurants and cafes await you, serving freshly caught fish, Greek grill classics, and cool drinks - directly on the beach with your feet in the sand! The miles of sandy beaches, unspoiled nature, and countless wonderful bays also make this place perfect for a variety of leisure activities and sightseeing tours. An extensive shopping experience is also offered here: the dreamlike harbor town of Pylos is only 10 minutes away by car. In this dreamlike area, you will also find four 5 - star hotels with their gourmet restaurants and a 4000 square meter spa & thalassotherapy center.


restaurant deroko


At the end of Golden Beach (just below Olive Garden) perched on a rock 200 meters above the sea is Palaikastro - the ruin of a 13th-century fortress. Nestor's Palace awaits you if you drive about 20 minutes. Old Messene is about an hour's drive away and was once considered the most beautiful town in the south-west of the Peloponnese. About two hours drive away you will find the Ancient Olympia and Sparta Archaeological Museum.













Each villa has parking spaces right in front of the main entrance


*Free of commission for the buyer

hot to get there

Vienna to Athens International Airport:

approx. 2 hours flight time (non-stop)


Vienna to Kalamata International Airport:

approx. 2 hours flight time (non-stop)


Athens International Airport to Gialova:

approx. 3 hours by car


Kalamata International Airport to Gialova:

approx. 42 minutes by car


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